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Myths Debunked Of Metal Roof Installation

Most of the time, people prefer asphalt and other materials over metal roofing which I find amusing. I have over 10 years in the roofing industry, the fact remains that appreciation of metal roofing technology needs to be popularized as there are numerous myths associated with its installation.

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Here are some of the myths that are being debunked:

Myth #1: These roofs have high risk of being stuck with lightening

No, all roofs have the equal number of risks of being hit by lightening. But just in case your home is hit by lightening during a thunderstorm, the roof is able to dissipate the electric charge. If you are scared that the lightening may cause a fire, be assured that metals are non combustible and so the roof will stay safe and not catch fire.

Myth #2: They are the noisiest roofs

Yes, it does make noise but then you must be thinking about old barn roofs. But, modern roofs do not make shotgun noises when it rains as they are installed over a high durability solid sheath of plywood or boards. This ensures that the there is insulation from noise and you won’t feel it making any more noise than the asphalt shingles.

Myth #3: These roofs are expensive

Yes, it is true that these types of roofing are expensive but the strength and durability of the this outperforms all of the other materials. And you will realize that it is one of the best materials to use when you are remodeling for investment. Thus, on an average, it comes out to be cheaper than an asphalt roof. The roof is energy efficient that enhances the resale value of your own home. Additionally, it reduces your cooling costs and you can actually enjoy 35% of the energy costs. However, getting quality installation done by a professional roofer is essential for metal roof installation.

Myth #4: Metal roof rusts fast

Most of these have a life expectancy to last a lifetime, while steel roofing can be coated with aluminum or zinc coating. This coating is bonded with it and painted with high quality paints. It protects it from extreme weather giving a beautiful look to the home. Getting such a thing installed is of benefit.

Myth #5: Metal roofs get dented fast especially when you walk on it

Well, this is a myth. Such roofs in modern world are made of high durability steel and can easily withstand extreme rainfalls, hail, winds and snow. Nothing can dent it, not even hail. So whether you need to be protected in hurricane or high winds, this roofing will be steadfast in its protection. It is better than putting asphalt shingles and wooden tiles

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